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Science: Disrupt

Science: Disrupt
In our world of co-creation, hyper-connectivity and exponentially growing technology, our science industry is in much need of disruption. Our slow processes, our steep barriers to entry, and our poor external and internal communication is eroding trust and discouraging talent. We speak to the innovators, iconoclasts and entrepreneurs intent on creating change. From crowd-sourcing and the maker movement in the world of startups, to changing the way we do peer review, publishing and lab work itself, we talk about how future trends will affect the world of science. We also dive into innovations in space, health, energy and advanced computing; talking biotech, quantum computing, AI, renewables, satellite applications and lots more. Science is going through a revolution, we are here to cover the people behind the change.

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Created by: podcast lister
Created on: 05 Oct 2017
Language: English

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