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Mitch Russo | Podcast Home
Most Business Owners could accelerate their growth with a professional coach. There are strategies you are not aware of, that can change your life.

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Created by: Mitch Russo
Created on: 07 Dec 2017
Language: English

Add this to another station 051: Learn the Steps in Buying and Selling Businesses with David Barnett (41.21MB; download) -- There are times that the greatest opportunities in our lives come to us as trials that will make us question the facts that we’ve been taught. As a business broker, David Barnett sold 36 companies in a span of three years. Now he is a business advisor who helps small business owners in buying and selling businesses. But what drives David more is the desire to help people get in to the jobs that they want and the ones that reward them for their hard work. Resources Mentioned in This Episode: David Barnett David’s YouTube channel David’s blog site David’s LinkedIn Medium.com iTunes 12 Things to do Before You Consider Selling Your Business The E-Myth Build a Business That People Will Want to Buy Beyond The E-Myth EasySmallBizSystems.com
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