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Verbal Smash

Verbal Smash
Our dedication to pleasing others seriously confuses our sense of purpose in life. There is a voice inside each of us. We need to be true to it instead of paying attention to how others believe we should live our lives.
  In the end, following the expectations of others will only limit our experiences in life. We all have that voice inside of us that we are supposed to follow.
  We believe most people are living the watered down versions of their lives because they care too much about what others think. They neglect that voice within themselves.  Someone once said, “Sometimes the story we're telling the world isn't half as endearing as the one that lives inside us.”  What an ironic thought. Because we care too much about what others think, we cheat ourselves out of better lives. What if your inner voice is trying to tell a tale of adventure with your life, but instead, you miss out because you're listening to someone who doesn't expect you to have what it takes to do so?  Verbal Smash is all about crushing the norm. The norm that says, "Get a good education so that someday you'll get a good job with benefits!" and the norm that says, "Don't make waves, just let people do what they're gonna do, don't try and hold people accountable!". Well, if you're sick and tired of nobody speaking their mind and allowing the norm to grow bigger and bigger, then this show is for you.  Shane Pittman from the Spike Paranormal Network lets his paranormal guard down and takes on the rather normal (instead of the paranormal, well maybe some paranormal) issues of life to see if he can make some sense out of them. Okay.  You can help, too!  Listen in and see if you agree with Shane. Maybe you won't. Either way, we want to hear from you, the listener. Enjoy norm crushing. Enjoy Verbal Smash.

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Created by: Frank Sasso
Created on: 05 Feb 2018
Language: English

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