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touchdowns & tangents

touchdowns & tangents
NFL Podcast by Pete D. Camarillo and Kenneth Frank James Berry. Tangents and takes for the Culture. Beyond football, the TDs & Tangents podcast touches on music, life and whatever else comes up. This podcast is always live and always topical. Sports media lie, our archives don't. Rants and dialogue from a duo that has been bodying the competition for years. EST. 9-22-16 in Los Angeles and a hood spot near you. Part of the Good News Radio Station. Email us for advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Paypal if you like our work: touchdownsandtangents@gmail.com.

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Created by: Pete Camarillo
Created on: 10 Feb 2018
Language: English

Add this to another station Don't Play Chicken with an Eagle (70.12MB; download) -- The Touchdowns and Tangents podcast comes to the Good News Radio Station for the first time. Kenneth and Pete talk about Jimmy G.'s new contract, Super Bowl celebrations, Malcolm Butler getting droped from the team and much more.
Selected by: Pete Camarillo [ stations ], Sat, 10 Feb 2018 05:48:54 UTC