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soundspy podcasting

soundspy podcasting
Welcome, soundspy is a public podcasting station for sharing new music and music technology related podcasts. Soundspy podcasting focuses on the following media content:

• Creative Commons licensed, copyleft and public domain works,
• Independent and experimental/electronic music,
• DJ mixes and live performances,
• Ambient soundscapes,
• Samples and loops,
• Recorded interviews and discussions,
• Music and sound related tutorials,
• Instrumental music,
• Video, animation and other forms of multimedia.
• Screencasts.

The above list is an indication of what you can expect to find here.

This site is also accessible via the soundspy toolbar, an IE browser enhancement focusing on music social networks.

The soundspy site supports digital music projects by aggregating specialized tools and resources into one convenient web location. You can play the most recent podcasts using the podcast player at

Share your podcasts on soundspy podcasting and other GigaDial stations by using the "add to this station" link that appears below once registered.

GigaDial automatically credits each selection with your name once signed in. Registration is free.

Podcast submissions must be free of RIAA or other copyright restrictions that prevent the legal sharing of the work.

Please try to supply a reasonable amount of information to help users with their selections. It's worth checking previous posts and other stations for ideas.

If you're interested in sharing electronic dance music you can also use DISSCO dance music podcasts at http://www.gigadial.net/public/station/4062

For a detailed list of free and legal sources of music safe to download and distribute in podcasts and other forms of webcasting see:

Podsafe Music Resources: Free and legal music sources, safe for sharing.

Highlighting the use of Creative Commons licenses for music and open content distribution.

Thanks for participating, Dave Holmes.
Dave's Imaginary Sound Space: http://spaces.msn.com/soundblog/
A virtual playground for audio & music enthusiasts. Delivering fresh news and information about digital audio, podcasting, music, multimedia, video, open content, freeware tools and sundry exotic web references.

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Created by: Dave Holmes
Created on: 28 Nov 2004
Language: English

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Add this to another station Is Garcnia Cambogia Miraculous Treatment for Weight Loss (8.75MB; download) -- Looking for some natural herb that could help you lose weight? Here is Garcinia Cambogia that would make weight loss happen for you.
Selected by: Bruce Wane [ stations ], Tue, 13 Aug 2019 08:12:00 UTC
Add this to another station Staccato Episode 26 - en français (3.92MB; download) -- The first French-language episode of Staccato. And the way I speak French, probably the last. Télécharger (34m24s, 38Mo, 128kbps MP3) Le premier épisode de Staccato en français (pas mal pour un américain, hein?) Tous ces ?uvres (et le podcast lui-même) sont disponible sous une licence Creative Commons. Greg Baumont - La face cachée da la lune [...]
Selected by: Dave Holmes [ stations ], Sat, 29 Apr 2006 06:42:50 UTC
Add this to another station MVB Radio #12 - Hijacked! (52.85MB; download) -- MVB Radio has been hijacked! Guest host Ronnie Marler does a killer job presenting this month's edition of the podcast. As always, thanks to all of the MVB members for the great music. Direct Download: MVB Radio Show 12 (54 MB) Featured songs and show notes: Show #012
Selected by: Dave Holmes [ stations ], Sat, 29 Apr 2006 06:40:20 UTC
Add this to another station MVB Radio #11 - Pseudo Physics! (60.51MB; download) -- We're back in business with MVB Radio #11! We have a huge variety of great music in this show. As always, thanks to all of the MVB Members for the killer tunes. Direct Download: MVB Radio Show 11 (62 MB) Featured songs and show notes: Show #011
Selected by: Dave Holmes [ stations ], Sat, 29 Apr 2006 06:39:36 UTC
Add this to another station Songs From The Commons 011 (26.69MB; download) -- The WMD Hoax - Courtesy of Colin Powell 2006 is going to be a good year for CC music. This show is the first of my “second wave” of shows. More discussions about trends than copyright law. (But I’m not done with it or anything…to the contrary…) http://www.mondoglobo.net/thecommons/
Selected by: Dave Holmes [ stations ], Thu, 02 Mar 2006 11:41:13 UTC
Add this to another station Podcast - The Pacifics (6.84MB; download) -- The Pacifics - Independent Filipino Hip-Hop crew from Chicago. The PACIFICS, an acronym for People Accumulating Creative Ideas Foregoing Ignorant Conclusions of Society, are a Filipino hip hop group hailing from the Chicago underground. Made up of MCs KP, Strike3 (aka. Mr. REXford), and Norman Rockwell, they have a smooth group rhymestyle similar to Jurrasic 5 - they bounce off of each other seamlessly and have a cohesive flow in which no MC dominates any other. Their music has a characteristic Chicago underground sound, with soul and jazz inspired samples layered on top of sparse beats and looming basslines. I first heard of the group when I was still living in Chicago around 1999 or 2000. In the time since then they've come up quite a bit, and have released several albums themselves while having tracks featured on several more. "Set It" is a classic, with smoky piano samples behind a rolling bassline. Other standouts to check out (with free MP3 downloads from their site) are "Ketchup", a track with a liquid, bassy production and a laid back vibe, and "Hold it Down", a Chicago anthem track repping all the underground cats from my hometown. Definetley check out their latest album, Sunday's Chicken, and visit their website at www.thepacifics.com to learn more about the group. According to their site they should actually be coming to San Francisco for the Asian American Film Festival, but no confirmation is posted. We sent them an email to see what's up and will update as soon as we know more. [Grooveeffect - An Urban Style, Music, and Events Guide]
Selected by: Gary Santoro [ stations ], Tue, 21 Feb 2006 14:58:01 UTC
Add this to another station Songs From The Commons 010 (16.30MB; download) -- More New 2006 Music This week, I got way too into the music again. I ended up creating my own track based on Hepepe’s Byrd of Cool. It’s really interesting to me how this show has evolved over the last few months. So I talk about that a bit. I’m in the process of organizing different tidbits for the show, but they haven’t come together yet. The music’s coming along though. Better than ever really.
Selected by: Dave Holmes [ stations ], Fri, 10 Feb 2006 20:54:18 UTC
Add this to another station Songs From The Commons 009 (17.76MB; download) -- Well, I’m overwhelmed with the New Year and all — and yet we have much to celebrate! Before we have fun with the ongoing exposition of political corruption that we are about to undertake for the rest of Bush’s term, I thought I would complain some more about his latest undefensible act: domestic spying. Sorry I missed a week last week — I’m just catching up from 2005! I’ll try to keep my momentum going and should be implementing some new regular features in the next show. Things are moving so rapidly in the Creative Commons software space, I want to start highlighting new sites and software coming out every week to help get the word out about all the great work people are doing. Email me at lisa@creativecommons.org to let me know about your CC project.
Selected by: Dave Holmes [ stations ], Fri, 10 Feb 2006 06:24:06 UTC
Add this to another station MVB Radio #10 (59.04MB; download) -- This is our 10th show and our one year anniversary! We spin a few MVB original Christmas songs and announce the Brad Sucks contest winner. We also play lots of featured songs. As always, thanks to the MVB members for creating such great tunes. Direct Download: MVB Radio Show 10 (62 ...
Selected by: Dave Holmes [ stations ], Fri, 10 Feb 2006 06:20:35 UTC
Add this to another station Staccato Episode 25 (23.97MB; download) -- Listen (35 minutes, 25MB, 96kbps MP3) Listen (35 minutes, 34MB, 128kbps iTunes enhanced AAC) Track listing: 50FOOTWAVE: Hot Pink, Distorted (:28) Adria: Dan Is In Town (6:07) Pablo Perez: Rome (10:33) cold_elf: mussak_3_kip kippling calling you back (15:26) Moodsaver: Pense pas (22:18) Krii and Aleks: Han Ya (26:32) Mercurial: Annihilate the Thought (30:06) I think 25 episodes is enough to get Apple to sit up [...]
Selected by: Dave Holmes [ stations ], Fri, 10 Feb 2006 06:16:06 UTC
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