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Talk to a Real Geek

Talk to a Real Geek
A Real Geek answers questions about technology and internet safety. Well, the Geek tries, but due to unforeseen disasters, his friends and family often have to step in and host the podcast in his stead.

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Created by: Geek GeekCast
Created on: 04 Jun 2008
Language: English

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Add this to another station Ep 002 – An (Eco-Friendly) Empire Rises (32.98MB; download) -- In this episode, we discuss the latest Marvel comic event Secret Empire, the much-anticipated release dates for the Avatar sequels, an eco-friendly day for Britain, an update on the search for alien life, Liliums flying taxis, hanging with David Attenborough, and the frustration of Pokemon Go! Enjoy, and get in touch if theres anything you []
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Add this to another station Ask a Geek Episode #46 (2.03MB; download)
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