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[misadventures in taiwan]

[misadventures in taiwan]
podcasts about my animated misadventures in taiwan
very very rarely video podcasts of animation schoolwork.

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Created by: gem gem
Created on: 09 Jan 2005
Language: UTF-8

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Add this to another station SoccerGossip.comShow#4-10-19-05 (15.31MB; download) -- SoccerGossip.comShow#4 on October 19th, 2005. The English Premier League is back, so BeatleManU does his usual roundup of the weekends fixtures. Added to that, Champions League Matchday 3 and a roundup of European World Cup Qualifiers, we have quite a big show!!!
Selected by: Soccer Gossip [ stations ], Sat, 22 Oct 2005 20:20:04 UTC
Add this to another station gin and juice theme (10.50MB; download) -- today's topics:1. walked an hour under scorching sun to nowhere. luckily it wasn't that hot, just that the sun shone too bright and hurt my head, but it was still 24C so i can't complain too much. now i'm kinda feeling ill.2. downloaded a gin and juice cover from audiography. i love this song so i get excited when i hear covers of it. 3. decided to play gin and juice for this podcast. two covers, one by new found glory, the other by the gourds (they're the ones who played the cover i downloaded. i don't know who they are though), and the other is the original snoop doggy dog version.gin and juice cover by the gourds via http://www.livejournal.com/community/audiography/229349.html" target="_blank">audiography
Selected by: Unregistered Visitor, Mon, 21 Mar 2005 03:12:24 UTC
Add this to another station separated at birth? (7.53MB; download) -- notes:The writer of this post reports the interesting *resemblance* of Coldplay's The Scientist and Sum 41's Pieces.
Selected by: Unregistered Visitor, Mon, 21 Mar 2005 03:11:28 UTC
Add this to another station three from skate vids (3.58MB; download) -- click here for podcast Happy Chinese New Year! click to see the contents of today's podcast What am I thinking, haha, I can't stay away from podcasting, slow internet and lousy acoustic environment in my room notwhistanding. i apologize that your DJ (me) sounds even shittier today than usual. my room here at home is even more inhospitable to podcasting than my dorm room at school. and my computer mic is even worse than my PC mic at the dorm. i sound really far away and there's a lot of crackles and stuff. today's content is interesting though, the most interesting that i'll be able to come up with i think. i'll never be able to top this again. ehh.. no topics today, not me rambling about my life or taiwan or whatever. today's podcast is all about music, music from skate (you know, skateboarding) videos. 1. Jason Lee's Song (The Environment, Peace, Love, not War Song) from Blind's video Video Days. this video's director is Spike Jonze. nobody knows this video, i mean, non-skaters don't know this video. but they know spike jonze, so i suppose i should put his name in. ["There's a war outside of your window, it's destroying our world, so take the hand of a boy and a girl, and walk down the street and sing a happy song...to make the world better. Peace on earth, environments, religion and pray to god!"] 2. Milk- The Knife Song (I love this song!!!!)-- also from Video Days 3. Mark Rogowski sitting in his chair playing guitar singing Pretty in Pink (from the documentary on him, Stoked, directed by Helen Stickler.) If you don't know who Gator is, shame on you, look him up on Google. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!! P.S. in my podcast, i complained at least twice about the bloody chickens in my house crowing and upsetting my podcast. when i listened to the recording though, i couldn't hear the roosters crowing. yeah, and why should it? my PC's microphone is too weak to pick up sounds from that far away. oh man! that took half an hour to upload!!! damn slow modem connection. i've forgotten the pain of having ghetto internet speed.
Selected by: gem gem [ stations ], Tue, 01 Mar 2005 06:34:46 UTC
Add this to another station THe $250 Million Radio Show #13 (24.03MB; download) -- - Show #13 Featuring Rocket Dial, Estrella, P.R.Y.D.E., 3 Dates Later, The Wrists, and Triangle -
Selected by: gem gem [ stations ], Fri, 14 Jan 2005 15:34:44 UTC
Add this to another station Leap of Faith listing (13.01MB; download) -- Leap of Faith (5 minutes) 256Kb MPEG4 [13mb]: link The video quality isn't so good for this version. a better (bigger file size too) version can be downloaded from the Leap of Faith page. i'm not sure if people are allowed to make direct links like in podcasts so if this doesn't work please just visit Leap of Faith's page on the Internet Movie Archive and download from there. this was made from october 2003 to end of may 2004 by my classmates Poham, Grace and me. we welcome constructive criticism and comments. or write a review!
Selected by: gem gem [ stations ], Mon, 10 Jan 2005 02:29:26 UTC
Add this to another station on the usage of the word "high" in Taiwan (1.10MB; download) -- Get the podcast here. in this podcast i talk about how "high" is used in Taiwan. it is common to hear young people say things like "let's get high", or "i want to get high", or "i'm so high, man!" here in Taiwan. what does it mean? is stoner culture really that prevalent in Taiwan? or worse, colombian cocaine culture? or maybe it means something else? *____* some notes here notes: 1. Yes, I know I sound really dead in this podcast. where's my voice going? i'm usually more alive than this. 2. There might be no more podcasts till the 18th since I have to cram my animatic for end of term presentation. 3. this podcast is about "high" as used in sentences constructed like these: "let's get high", or "i want to get high". (The subject and the verbs are in chinese of course, only the "high" part is said in english.) this podcast is not about the english word "high" used in chinese sentences like "i'm really high on games like Halo 2." wherein the meaning of "high is pretty obvious from the context.
Selected by: gem gem [ stations ], Sun, 09 Jan 2005 15:42:51 UTC
Add this to another station little buggers make out (3.21MB; download) -- hit this.. (3.20mb) since i won't have the time to make podcasts or meaningful posts till the end-of-term presentation on the 18th I'm putting up this little claymation i made in stop motion class last year. this was made around may of 2004.
Selected by: gem gem [ stations ], Sun, 09 Jan 2005 15:40:56 UTC