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Created by: Unregistered Visitor
Created on: 26 Jan 2012
Language: English
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Add this to another station Today's Seed of Faith: Episode 1 "First Things First" - Jan 11,2012 (6.98MB; download) -- Are your New Years resolutions fading already? Do you need help staying focused and motivated to accomplish these new goals you have set for yourself? What is the first thing that crossed your mind when you began to think about all of the things you were going to accomplish in 2012? Tune in to learn how to stay motivated and on track to acheiving your goals in 2012. Well learn a few motvaitional tips, and even discuss one or two todays "hot topics". This is a fast-paced information packed 30 minute session you dont want to miss! New Year Goals | 2012 Motivation | Resolutions | KM Johnson | christianlifecoach
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