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Christian Podcast Station

Christian Podcast Station
The Christian Podcast station was created to bring you the best in Christian Podcasts. Here you will find mesages and teaching from the best of Christian scholars and teachers such as R.C. Sproul, John MacArthur, Ravi Zacharia, John Piper, James Dobson, and others. Touching on subjects from general Christian living to theology and apologetics, this podcast station is dedicated to equip and engage the minds of believers and encourage them to contemplate the hard and complex questions in life. This is the Christian Podcast Station!

Note: Right click on the Download link and choose "Save Tartget As". Choose the location to download the file, then click the save button.

"Just press Source on the podcast that you want to listen to and you will be redirected to that Podcaster's page"

Now the Christian Podcast Station is available on iTunes. You can either search for: "Christian Podcast Station" or access directly through this link if you have iTunes installed: http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=325218526

News: I am currently at Afghanistan and I will try to update the Christian Podcast Station as much as possible.

Note: If you are using iTunes you only have access to a limited amount of podcasts at a time. If you want to access podcasts dating back to 2007 you can go to http://www.gigadial.net/public/station/64485  ( It's free! )

God Bless,

Marcos Ramirez

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Created by: Marcos Ramirez
Created on: 20 Jan 2007
Language: English

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Add this to another station Timothy Keller Podcast: Suffering: If God is good, why is there so much evil in the world? (14.27MB; download) -- In the midst of evil and suffering, abandoning your faith will neither help you handle suffering nor understand God. By looking back to Jesus’ death on the cross and looking ahead to the hope of a new heavens and new earth, we can understand God’s overwhelming love for us and the promise that victory will swallow up evil and death.
Selected by: Marcos Ramirez [ stations ], Sun, 04 Jan 2015 07:39:10 UTC
Add this to another station Just Thinking (RZIM): The Search for Absolutes in a Pluralistic Society, Part 1 of 4 (4.81MB; download) -- If you have seen the news, you probably feel like morality is disappearing. How did we get to that point and what does this mean for our culture? Join us as Ravi Zacharias shares a powerful message about the loss of absolutes and morality we are seeing in our culture. That’s today on Just Thinking.
Selected by: Marcos Ramirez [ stations ], Sun, 04 Jan 2015 07:18:18 UTC
Add this to another station White Horse Inn: Present Shock (10.87MB; download) -- According to media and technology writer Douglas Rushkoff, Our society has reoriented itself to the present moment. Everything is live, real time, and always-on. Its not a mere speeding up, however much in our lifestyles and technologies have accelerated the rate at which we attempt to do things. Its more of a diminishment of anything that isnt happening right now. Michael Horton talks with Douglas about his new book, Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now, and asks him to apply his thesis to the world of contemporary Christianity with its emphasis on having your best life now.
Selected by: Marcos Ramirez [ stations ], Sun, 04 Jan 2015 07:15:14 UTC
Add this to another station A Radical Revelation of the Cross: The Sovereignty of God and the Sacrifice of Jesus (43.51MB; download) -- Podcast from the ministry of John Piper, Reformed Baptist theologian.
Selected by: Marcos Ramirez [ stations ], Sun, 04 Jan 2015 07:14:16 UTC
Add this to another station Knowing the truth radio: The Rise of ISIS (12.62MB; download) -- Jay Sekulow, one of Americas most influential attorneys, closely examines the rise of the terrorist groups ISIS and Hamas, explains their objectives and capabilities and how, if left undefeated, their existence could unleash a genocide of historic proportions.----Recently, the world has been shaken by gruesome photos and videos that have introduced us to the now infamous terrorist group known as ISIS. The worldOs wealthiest and most powerful jihadists, ISIS originated within Al Qaeda with the goal of creating an Islamic state across Iraq and Syria and unrelenting jihad on Christians. Separate from ISIS, the terrorist group Hamas has waged an equally brutal war against Israel. Both groups, if left undefeated, have the potential to unleash a catastrophic genocide.----Rise of ISIS gives a better understanding of the modern face of terror, and provides an overview of the laws of war and war crimes. These laws differentiate between the guilty and innocent, and explain why the US military and the Israeli Defense Forces are often limited in their defensive measures.----The authorsO firsthand experience, including multiple appearances before the Office of the Prosecutor, International Criminal Court at The Hague, along with direct contact battling jihadists during operation Iraqi Freedom lends insight into this important geopolitical issue.----On the program today, my guest will be Jordan Sekulow.
Selected by: Marcos Ramirez [ stations ], Sun, 04 Jan 2015 07:04:09 UTC
Add this to another station The Dividing Line: December 2, 2014 (27.56MB; download) -- John Samson begins a short series about how to interpret the bible.
Selected by: Marcos Ramirez [ stations ], Sun, 04 Jan 2015 07:00:56 UTC
Add this to another station Focus on the Family: Making the Most of Teachable Moments (19.57MB; download) -- Author Kara Durbin describes how parents can take advantage of ordinary, everyday situations to instill biblical values and character in their children.
Selected by: Marcos Ramirez [ stations ], Sun, 04 Jan 2015 06:59:17 UTC
Add this to another station The John Stossel show: Obamas Executive Order Constitutional Crisis (14.95MB; download) -- Segments from Megan Kelly, Glenn Beck, Judge Andrew Napolitanoand others discussing the Obama Executive Order Crisis.
Selected by: Marcos Ramirez [ stations ], Sun, 04 Jan 2015 06:58:14 UTC
Add this to another station The Truth Matters (Part 1 of 2) (11.62MB; download) -- “Giving false witness” sounds like a legal term for courtroom procedures. So it must be an easy commandment to keep! But On Truth For Life, Alistair Begg explains that we fail to uphold the ninth commandment when we fail to tell the truth!
Selected by: Marcos Ramirez [ stations ], Sun, 04 Jan 2015 06:55:34 UTC
Add this to another station Sinners & Saints Podcast: Limited Atonement 1 (13.02MB; download) -- Does Christ's death save everyone?
Selected by: Marcos Ramirez [ stations ], Sun, 04 Jan 2015 06:54:40 UTC
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